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Time Exploiters is a comic made by poyo ride.

Plot Edit

Main Characters Edit

White Kirby

Blue Kirby

Yellow Kirby

Red Kirby

Purple Kirby

Carbon Kirby

Dyna Blade

AM & SS Kirby

RTDL Kirby

Rainbow Curse Kirby

Kirbys Adventure Kirby

DL3 Kirby

Kirby 64 Kirby

The Mass Attack Kirbys

Yarn Kirby

Trivia Green Kirby 121098 came up with the idea before Poyo Ride. Poyo Ride expanded on the idea to make his own.

One of the kirbys from a kirby game was going to be kirby from the first game in Kirby, Kirbys Dream Land. This was dropped because he was gray, and looked like White Kirby.

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