Translucent Kirby was confirmed to be a character on September 23rd 2014 on a Facebook post by White Kirby. Despite this, there are only three things known about him, he can use fire, he's not transcluent because 2014 poyo ride was an idiot, and he looks like Meta Knight without a mask.


Translucent Kirby basically looks like Meta Knight without his mask. He's a dark blue Kirby with yellow eyes and light purple feet.



Despite being the 2nd kirby confirmed during the kirby boom, he is the first confirmed by the kirby boom to have artwork

Despite his name, he is not translucent. However, Poyo Ride is going to keep the name Translucent Kirby because he kind of likes it.

  • His name was gotten from the Translucent Wollywog from nintendo land, which also had yellow eyes and a similar color scheme. Unlike TK, The Wollywog is translucent.