White Dyna is a restraunt run by White Kirby and Dyna Blade.

White Dynas mascot

Menu Edit

  • Cheezie Macks
  • burnt salad

burnt fries

frozen pizza

frozen pancakes

all pieces

blue kirbys dick

  • drugs

Trivia Edit

The reason why Reshiram is the mascot of White Dyna is due to Reshiram sharing traits with both of the owners. Reshiram is White and has wings.

Despite the fact the restraunt sucks, it is considered better than Woodfire Kirbys. One of the big reasons are some of the menu items. The frozen items can be taken home and heated up in a microwave, and Cheezie Macks and Drugs are considered tolearable by most of Crappy Town, while Woodfire Kirbys does not sell frozen items, Cheezie Macks, or Drugs, even though they invented drugs.