Wily Castle is a Stage in SMSB. It has 5 bosses that will randomly spawn in.

When a boss spawns in, the song changes to the wily boss theme from Mega Man Powered Up.



​Yellow DevilEdit

Yellow Devil will spawn in doing his ball pattern. He does his ball pattern, and is also able to shoot fireballs and a big giant laser.

​Copy RobotEdit

Copy Robot copies one of the characters and comes in as a 5th fighter.


CWU-01P flies around the stage shooting bubbles and lasers.

​Wily Machine 1Edit

Only spawns in if the above bosses are killed. Shoots balls around the stage.

Dr. LightEdit

Dr. Light may rarely appear. He has no attacks, walks around like a retard, and is killed in one hit. The boss theme still plays when he spawns in.


As 2 of these bosses are playable, different things happen if they are in a match. If Yellow Devil is in the match, he won't spawn as a boss, and Toad Man will pilot the Wily Machine if Wily is playing.

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