"But I don't know his password. I think I might just step out of this conversation, or I may get attacked by one of you. Im gonna be the second Blue Kirby or something."
      —Yellow Kirby

Yellow Kirby is a character in TARS. He is Blue Kirby's friend as well as the rival of Red Kirby. (Similar to White Kirby's rivaly with Blue Kirby)


Yellow Kirby is one of various Kirbies who plays Kirby Air Ride. He is the Kirby who takes stats and tries to get away with it.


Blue Kirby


White Kirby

Green Kirby

Purple Kirby

Brown Kirby

Pink Kirby

Red Kirby


Yellow is a Character in SMSB.


Netural Special-Yellow drives the Wagon Star around the stage, damaging anybody he drives into.

Smash Bros

Yellow appears in Smash Videos. He is sometimes swapped out of matches.

How to make his custom 

To make Yellows Smash Run custom, you have to give him a speed stat of 161-170. The exact stat is 167. His Attack should be around -110. The exact stat is -113. One of the equipment you give him should be the Air Defender Agility Badge, which improves his air defense.

His specials are Netural 2, Side 1, Up 2, and Down 3. His powers should be level 1 Heavenly Light, Level 1 Power Bomb, and Level 2 Spinning Blades.

Yellow is the quick kirby. He does not have good attack, but is really fast and can improve defense in air.

​Stupidstar Saga

Yellow is fought right before Blue Fire Volcano in Blue Wood.

​Air Ride TCG

Yellow k
Yellow appears in the air ride TCG. His first attack, wagon star, does 60 damage, but only does 10 in the air. The Rocket Star does 90 damage, but must charge. The boost patch lets the rocket star automatically go once, but damage inflicted on Yellow is doubled.

Yellow is a ground based character. He is pretty weak to Blue Kirby, who can force him into the air.



In the comics, yellow first appeared in comic one, then didnt reappear until comic seven. Even though he is a main character.

  • Even worse, he didn't even speak until comic 9.

Yellow Kirby could poitentally recieve a huge change in TARS, this will occur if a Kirby Air Ride 2 is ever made, and there is no White/Gray Kirby. Yellow will become White, and White Kirby will become Yellow.


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